Golf lovers find in the Serena Beach Golf Club an ideal place for this sport in Roquetas de Mar. It also offers an exceptional climate; warm in winter and mild in summer.

The facility is situated between a fabulous unspoiled beach and 9 lakes, 7 of them natural, where migratory exotic birds stop for a while. Its 18 holes are varied and entertaining. Thus, skilled and accurate strokes are required. The result is a dynamic field in which you can happily play.

It has at its disposal magnificent and numerous hotel facilities that coexist in perfect harmony with the natural landscape

The 18-hole course is all year in excellent conservation conditions and is characterized by wide streets, its 9 lakes and the greens are well defended by bunkers of careful design.

It has been catalogued as the flattest course of Spain. Its route is very comfortable and its main difficulty is founded on the long holes and the design of the greens with enough level to the organization of major competitions, having performed among others, several sporting events of the national and European tour.

A variety of genuinely Mediterranean vegetation predominates throughout the entire field.

The perimeter is formed by transparents, tamarisks and mimosas.

In the rough and gardens are Aleppo pines, eucalyptus, palm trees, olive trees, oleanders, bougainvillea and palm hearts.

The varieties of grass are Penncross (Agrostis stolonifera) in the Greens and Tees, Fairways and Anteegreens TIFFWAY 419 BERMUDA.

More information on the webpage: Golf Playa Serena