Aguadulce Marina

It is one of the signs of modernity in Roquetas de Mar. This port is one of the most beautiful areas of the municipality, as evidenced by the fact that thousands of people choose it to spend their leisure time at the weekends and in the summer months.

This area has numerous moorings for small and medium boats, so throughout the year, has a high occupancy, especially considering that we are talking about a municipality particularly fortunate to the weather. Marine effects shops, diving clubs and a Nautical Club complete these facilities for sea lovers.

As for the other users, the designers of the Aguadulce Marina also took into account the possibilities of leisure that such facility could offer and over time it has been shown that they were right. This place is the area that houses the youth “movida”, especially in the summer months, when the Aguadulce Marina is the reference point for all young people, including the capital ones. In summer the party attractions move to this place. We are talking, without doubt, about one of the most attractive for young people where they find a multitude of proposals for fun, completed with restaurants and bars for everyone.

Roquetas de Mar marina and fishing port

It’s the counterpoint to the Aguadulce Marina. If the facilities of the Aguadulce marina are an example of modernity and youth movement, in the case of the Port of Roquetas we are attracted by the marine flavor and tradition of the area, which gave rise to the entire municipality of Roquetas de Mar (it is in this place where some vestiges of the past Santa Ana’s Castle and the Lighthouse are).

Although the economy of Roquetas de Mar has evolved significantly. The township does not forget that its origins were in fisheries, still a major sector for the living of many families. It also allows supply for households and restaurants throughout the city, with the freshest seafood. The fishery sector is now focused on the self-supply of the town and other towns in the province, but has great reputation for the quality of their captures.

That sailor and authentic aroma permeates every corner of this beautiful place, halfway between Aguadulce and Serena Beach. You can see some of the most beautiful sights of the town from its pier.

But besides the sailor character which is completed with numerous bars and restaurants specializing in the freshest fish that visitors may have ever taste, the Port of Roquetas is completed with an area for sports boats which are grouped around a Yacht Club. This club has all the necessary services to meet visitors. We should mention, regarding to it, the ambitious expansion plans of the local council, which aims to build a new marina, in this case for large vessels of up to 80 meters in length.

As in Aguadulce, Roquetas Port boasts a magnificent beach really near, La Romanilla, which it has a promenade marked by plenty of establishments, especially restoration.