Auditorium of Roquetas de Mar

The Auditorium of Roquetas de Mar has quickly become one of the highlights in the cultural life of the province. Its unique architecture is already one of the symbols that define the city.

From the first moment, its striking avant-garde design attracts people attention. In its design, the metal and glass acquire all the prominence and even remind us of forms and elements similar to the Guggenheim ones.

It was built in 2004 by the architect Miguel A. Morales who designed a functional and efficient space that could accommodate opera, theatre, dance, concerts, conferences and exhibitions. Since then, it has been a place of unavoidable culture in Roquetas de Mar. The modern round structure, that brings versatility, has been able to balance volume and clearness. The light passes through its purity through the large and elegant windows adorned with a contour of black metal.

The result is a spectacular piece and undoubtedly the best introduction to the city of Roquetas de Mar. World-class artists have been in it and all types of plays have been performed here. And above all, thousands of people of all ages have lived unforgettable moments in it.

Check the schedule, choose your favorite show and come to enjoy all that our Auditorium Theatre can offer you: Teatro Auditorio de Roquetas de Mar.