In Roquetas de Mar we have the largest aquarium in Andalusia, with two million litres of water and more than a thousand marine specimens. It is a place of entertainment, leisure and educational for the whole family.

The aquarium is divided into zones, in what is named “the Water Cycle”; an educational journey through different habitats of marine animals.

  • The first area is the source of water, rivers. In this area we can find freshwater fish, in a representation of what would become the Amazon River, where species such as piranhas and other fish from Brazil, Peru and Colombia are highlighted.
  • The second area is the tropical sea. In this recreation of a coral reef we can see the most vibrant coloured fish of the aquarium, as clown fish.
  • La segunda zona es el mar tropical. En esta recreación de un arrecife de coral podemos observar los peces con los colores más vistosos del Acuario, como los peces payaso.
  • The third area is devoted to the oceans. This room has the bulkiest tank of the aquarium, with 1,000,000 litres of water and also with the largest fish, such as sharks, which can be seen from all angles through a gallery that immerses us in the tank.
  • The last room is devoted to the Mediterranean Sea and its species. We can observe the seabed of Posidonia with all animal diversity they contain and the rocky seabed. The species found here are typical of our sea, horse mackerel, red sea bream, bream, moray eels and groupers.

Roquetas Aquarium offers several services such as educational guided tours for groups and school, or even the opportunity to swim with sharks and dive into your tank, always with previously arranged visit on the phone 950 160 036.

More information on the webpage: Aquarium de Roquetas de Mar.